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For over 17 years, Ryan Botner has been positively impacting the lives of thousands of people through his motivational speaking, HIGH-Level Sales, and business consulting. A true entrepreneur, Ryan has started and operated numerous businesses producing TENS of millions of dollars in revenue. Now his life purpose is to spread his message to the world. Interestingly enough, Ryan has accomplished all of this without ever going to work – because he loves his work so much, he considers it play! Ryan’s quest to help humanity began at home with a loving, 13-year marriage to his wife Amanda. Together they have enjoyed the pleasure and privilege of currently raising and mentoring two sons and three daughters using the same values and strategies that Ryan shares with his audiences. Although Ryan has delivered effective and empowering messages all over the US, his most important mission is now YOU. It’s YOUR turn to join the ranks of the many people who have benefited from Ryan’s inspirational and motivational message. Attitude and Intentionality are everything to Ryan.

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