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Learn how to build life changing habits that will completely change your life. Find and create purpose in everything you do, make every action count, focus on things that matter, build better relationships…BE INTENTIONAL!

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Ready to get your life and career back on track? Ryan Botner helps individuals and professionals grow their mindset to deliver optimal results in all areas of life

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Develop a winning mindset within your organization by having Ryan Botner help instill the principles needed in order to Be Intentional everyday.

Why Cornerstone

Take advantage of being intentional

Making goals is essential to being intentional in everything that you are doing. Our process creates a system for you to create goals and achieve them.

Make Goals

When you begin to make goals you see a 5% increase in productivity.

Write Down Goals

When you write the goals down you will see a 65% increase in productivity

Accountability to the Goals

When someone holds you accountable to those goals you will see a 95% increase in productivity

Change your mindset. Change your future.

Early on in LIFE, I had many “Good Intentions” as I built businesses and was one of the TOP salespeople year in and year out. YET, my life was empty and nothing ever could bring me a feeling of significance. So, I sought out fulfillment in the pleasures of the World. Chasing things and events always lead me to think “Is this what LIFE is about?”

When I started to Value Myself first and foremost. I then was able to VALUE others so when I served people, I no longer Manipulated them or expected something in RETURN. I was in a networking group called BNI early in my career and the motto was “Givers Gain”. I loved that even though I never actually thought that way but let me tell you when I finally started to SERVE, VALUE, and UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE my life changed!

Now the things I Love in life are NOT material or an event. I love BEING INTENTIONAL about my life. To grow every day, I must get out of my comfort zone. There absolutely MUST be some PAIN to grow. I’m like everyone else some days are better than others but, GOD has a plan and my FAITH in HIM brought me to NOW living a LIFE OF INTENTIONALITY.


Success Stories

We have worked with a lot of happy clients all across North Dakota and beyond. Check out a few of their success stories.

Jesse Moser

Dealer Principal,
Torgerson Auto Center

Ryan gets our team ready

Ryan does a great job of getting the staff pumped and jump-started for the day. His motivational style and manner of speaking rephrases sales techniques that can fit any industry while being entertaining to listen to. Sales staff all agree that they come away with something useful every time Ryan speaks to us.

Steve Zaun, GM

Puklich Chevrolet

Quality and Value in each Session

Ryan has been instrumental in helping us build our management team to a level of leadership that we have never experienced before. His work with the rest of the staff has helped them grow as individuals and teams. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of his work to this point. His intentional style and execution is simply outstanding and we look forward to where we are going as an organization with him helping our team.

Fred Koenig

Rise Property Brokers

Fun processes in coaching

Ryan help you work through the uncomfortable areas in your businesses to help us to grow and be more successful at our professions through his fun processes of coaching you. I would highly recommend Ryan, I have learned a lot.

Find the path for a better life

Become an effective leader in business and life

Stop struggling with not meeting expectations at the office, at home, and in your mind.